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The DUNA company history

DUNA was born in 1965, in the heart of the knitting section of a hosiery factory in Chervonohrad.

Throughout the past 50 years,
we've been growing and changing, but our core values
and passion have remained constant.


The story starts in a hosiery factory in Chervonohrad. Vesta was the biggest hosiery producer at the time, with a yearly output of of 25 million pairs - they were iconic in the Soviet Union. Fast forward to the 90's and Vesta experienced some difficult times, deciding to close down the company and sell all the equipment. DUNA ltd was then created, and this made for one of the most important steps for the future of the factory.

Knitting section, Vesta factory, Chervonohrad, 1976


This year marked a point where DUNA was confidently improving and growing to create the best quality products to provide their customers. With a positive outlook and wonderful products, the only way was up.

DUNA is confidently improving and
growing towards the best quality products and provides its customers
with the bright mood every day.


These days, their thousand employees are aspirational, passionate and most importantly driven to fulfil DUNA's mission. The only factory in the Ukraine with a full range of the most progressive hosiery equipment, they are at the forefront of the market. Winning a number of awards like 'The Highest Sample of Ukraine' ('Vyshcha Proba Ukrainy') and international standard certificates such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and BSCI, the company just keeps on with it's successes. DUNA's approved laboratory is dedicated to ensuring the best quality products are created.