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History of the company DUNA

Workshop of hosiery factory. Chervonograd, 1976

The history of DUNA began more than half a century ago. During this time the names, forms of
ownership and the range of products changed, but the values and the need to move forward remained unchanged.
Further - more achievements.


In 1965 started its work Chervonohrad hosiery factory "Vesta" - the largest enterprise of this industry on the territory of then Ukraine with a production capacity of 30 million pairs.
For a quarter of a century it managed to achieve a significant recognition of its products among the countries of the Soviet Union, but the mid 1990’s was difficult times and it was decided to close the company by selling equipment.
And then “Duna" Ltd appeared, it was new decisive step for the future DUNA company.

Цех фабрики «Веста», Червоноград, 1976 рік

1994 year

"Duna" LLC was created in 1994 to sew miner's gloves and overalls that were in demand, because Chervonograd is a miner's city. The company started with a team of seven people and several non-sewing machines, but the dedication of the founders gave its results - the business has grown rapidly, and appeared the question what is the next step.
Firstly, Duna decided to buy several knitting machines of the mentioned "Vesta", but eventually, they decided to united both companies, creating a new project, which eventually reached a leading position in Ukraine.

DUNA is confidently gaining momentum
to create the best products,
and bright mood every day


Today, DUNA has a team of 1,000 dreamers. This is the only company in Ukraine offering an absolute range of stockings, socks and tights. They are created on the most advanced equipment, complying with the requirements of international licenses (such as ISO and BSCI) and constantly receiving awards (for example, "The highest proof of Ukraine"). Moreover, DUNA has its own accredited quality lab to make it even more confident to offer you the ideal product.


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